10 Useful websites you never heard

10 Useful websites you never heard

The Internet is vast and has millions of Websites of all Shapes and Sizes. It has amazing Websites. And It becomes so difficult to know each one of them. Internet does our all task easier. It has lots of Websites which we needed anytime. But there are other Websites also which we never heard about it. So we will help you to know some of the websites which you don’t know.Read the full article to know it.

Today we are here to tell you some websites you never heard about this in your life. here we have some websites which are very useful for all and it helps us a lot in blogging or in any sector it is helpful. So here are the some list of website and there working we had given here just go through it.

10 Useful websites you never heard

1) Archieve.org

Archieve.org is a Website that helps you to download digital libraries, Books, Movies, Videos, Audio,Softwares, Images and many More for free. Archieve.org is an online digital library and non-Profit Organizations. Its main agenda is to help you with whatever you want in free. You can download any Content for free. It has the archive of the internet or a link that’s dead.

2) Down for Me or Everyone

I am pretty sure that only Some of you have heard about Down for Me or Everyone. It helps to check the website is down or not. Sometimes we feel like why this website is not working? Despite having good Internet Connections. It will check whether the site is working Properly or Not, Or Unavailable for you or everyone.

3) DuoLingo.com

DuoLingo.com is helpful to the people who are willingly want to Learn Foreign Languages. Foreign Languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, etc available in 30+Languages.It is a completely free Website.you can learn any language from all over the World. And the Benefit of this website is its Applications which are available on all the Platforms(Android, Ios, Mac). The app has over 300 million registered users across the world.

4) BugMeNot

If you are using the Internet then you must know about BugMeNot.It is a popular Website. Some of the Websites will ask you to create an account and your E-mail addresses. Even if you are visiting only once then it’s not necessary to share your E-mail Address. They will send you a lot of mails. Sometimes you provide fake details or someone else details. If you do not want to login to any website or don’t want to put your E-mail Id or Password then BugMeNot is beneficial for you. You can get Email Id and Password for Free. You can also share your email or password here.

5) Onlineocr.net

If you want to convert your PDF into Editable Doc Format. Or Convert it into Word File. Using Onlineocr.net you can convert your PDF into texts. Allows to Convert your Pdf into Texts of any Language. It Supports 46 languages. You can use this without installing it on your computer. It allows you to convert 15 files per hour.

6) If-This-Then-That(Ifttt.com)

Ifttt.com is a free web-based Service. It’s a free software platform that helps users to connect various online services like Amazon Alexa, Facebook, Twitter and many more. It Connects Several apps and devices and triggers one or more automation involving those apps, devices and Services.

7) Vectr.com

This website is helpful for the People who love graphics. People who are in graphics Field and Uses Graphics Software. You can use free graphics Software from Vectr.com.You can create Vector Graphics. You can also export files. Scale your design without losing its clarity. Cross-Platform Website.

8) amelcamelcamel.com

The website is for those who do a lot of online shopping. Of course you have heard about Amazon. Sometimes it happens that you selected a product and you placed in add to cart because of the Higher Prices. You will think whenever the price will decrease I will buy it. But you misses to check when the price is low. So in this case camelcamelcamel.com will track your Products and will alert you. It is a price tracker Website. And also if you created a wishlist in Amazon account then it will check price history and alert you when Product hit Targeted Price.

9) Duckduckgo.com

Helpful for the People who Search so much on Google. And do you know Google tracks all your activities that you Searched? What Keywords did you use?

Duckduckgo.com is an Internet Search Engine just like Google but this will not track any of Your Information. Avoid all your Personal Information such as what Keywords used. It Shows the Same Results as Google. If you want Google to stop Tracking you then you can use this Website. This is unlike Google, which filters search results based on the sites you have been visiting.

10) Keepvid.com

Free online video downloader – allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, etc. All in one Video Platform. You can Edit, Compress, Convert and also convert Audio.

So friends here the article is over. so if you like this article comment below is this helpful to you and share with your friends who will need these kinds of websites will help them if you want to know about Blogging and thinking to do blogging so click on this link How to choose a niche for blogging. and if you want to learn WordPress then click on the link learn WordPress in just 20mins.

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