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As a Blogger,You must aware about some of the excellent websites which will help you to learn blogging in many ways.For Begineers it must be helpful. I will share my experience with you ,when I started Blogging there were few other friends who guided me but along with it some Websites help me a lot.

To help you out I am sharing some of the useful websites with you.Every Bloggers should definately know how to become a better Blogger.You must have to stand out from other Bloggers.Apart from writing unique content you must have good knowledge about how to do blogging.In this article.Below, I’ve dug through useful websites you must Know.Let’s have a look on it Useful Websites every Blogger should Know.

usefull websites for blogger


I have seen People who hates coding or don’t have any experiences hires someone to do the tiny adjustments in Website.People hires to do the changes like font, headers, borders, background color, alignment of text, navigation’s, insert image and many more.Well this is not hard as you Think.

You dont have to be Scholar to learn this codings.W3 SCHOOLS provides easy lessons to learn HTML and Css in easy way.Even If you hate coding then too this websites will make sure that You will learn it in most easiest way.It Provides basics lessons and an interactive boxes to try what you learn in the Chapters.

You can refer it anytime.You can go from one chapter to another in nanosecond.Lessons are very short and precisely described.Also helps to create a responsive layout in Blog. usefull websites for blogger


Every modern web designer should aware about responsive web design.But to check it you have to try it on different devices.What If you can do it with the help of one website.Isn’t it amazing!

If you want to check that your website is responsive or not.You can use SCREENFLY .You can test your websites at different screen resolutions of desktop,laptop,mobile phones or television.You can also use Screenfly by Quirky tools.

Both works same.You can easily check that how your websites looks perfectly on every devices.See it in portrait orientation, or landscape.You can check whether your header and footer looks properly on mobile devices or not.If not you can do the changes before.Free websites to check resolutions of site.

I know there are other sites to do this such as Responsinator, Google Re-sizer, Google DevTools Device Mode,Browser Stack, Cross Browser Testing etc. But Screenfly is my personal favourite. It’s too old but it works perfectly well till now.usefull websites for blogger You just have to enter your URL and the results will be displayed whether its responsive or not.Popular website to check the screen resolutions as it is Easy to Use.


Tailwind is the social media scheduling tool will allows you to share your Post on Pinterest and Instragram and get high traffics.There are so many tools available for social media scheduling but they are limited to Facebook and Twitter.Huge Traffics came from Pinterest and Instagram.Tailwind will helps you to grow your websites.If you want to schedule your Pins then this website will help you alot.There are free options available but If you want to check out some amazing features then Premium will be good Option for you.

Tailwind not only help to schedule your Pins but provide analytics too.You will meet new Influencer’s and Team Up with other Bloggers which will help you to increase your Traffic on your Blog.Another amazing feature is you can add pins to Smart loops once and automatically your Pins will recirculate.

4) Quora is also Usefull website for bloggers

Quora is an American website where you can asked questions,answered, followed by your Users.Best way to interact with your Audience in effective way.You can post your Content on Quora and Your Users will definately asks you questions .You can easily came to know about their Opinion.You must know about your Audience whether they liked your content or not.Blogging is not just about good Content writing.

I have seen many Bloggers who writes Perfectly well but they left blogging too soon because they cant grow their Audience.They failed to interact with Audience.Once you aware about Audiences likes/dislikes then you can easily write Content. Quora also offers an up voting feature that lets you Know how many Users are interested in your Content.You will find number of Bloggers on quora follow them and learn how they interact with their audience.Not Only Users You can also increase your Circle by following other Bloggers.

5) Portent’s Content Idea Generator

If you are Confused of the Same old Titles and want a new fresh eye catchy title then Portent’s Content Idea Generator will save your time.You just have to enter a Keyword and give it s Spin.It also provides reasoning for the proposed titles so If you want to make a new title from it you can.Sometimes it will not produce your desired title but definately helps you to right the text in Proper Format Style.It will also correct your grammar in the Title. usefull websites for blogger


CANVA helps you to draw exquisite designs with the help of drag and drop feature.Canva is a tool that helps you create graphics.You just have to pick a perfect set or custom canvas sizes and starts designing your layouts.Canvas allows you to create social media graphics,presentations,posters and other visual content.

They have huge collection of free frames and icons and banners and shapes that you can use. There is also good options available for solid fonts and free templates.Different categories like Posters, Logos, Presentations, Flyers etc which are easy to drag and use.



PicMonkey allows you to edit photos and create graphics for free.Allows you to create images for Facebook,Instagram,Logos and even Ads. Premium option offers advanced editing tools,premium fonts, no ads, and more.Build designs with vector shapes and lush textures.There were millions of stocks photos,templates and gorgeous fonts available.Features available such as Photo edits,touch up pics, stylish graphics designs,tools for social media.

8) WordCounter

While writing Content for Blog You must concerned about the length of the Content.How long your content should be? For that Word Counter will helps you to count exact words used in your Content.Copy your Content and Paste it on the site to find exact words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, reading level, reading time and speaking time.

9) Dictation.io

As a Blogger we may sometimes gets tired of writing.What If Someone helps you to convert our text into writing.Well In this,Dictation.io will helps us.Dictation describes speech to text in real time.It has amazing feature such as add paragraphs, punctuation marks, and even smileys using voice commands.Translates voices into text of more than 100 languages.You can also share your Content directly on Twitter.

10) Grammarly

Grammatical errors are curse in Blogging.People will leave your site immediately if there were errors found in your Post. Grammarly is a website which helps you to find that error and also helps you to solve it.Not only errors but checks plagiarism too.Improve your writing by using this.Millions were using this to create their online writing clear and effective. usefull websites for blogger

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