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Nowadays it is difficult to choose which smartphone is better.Android vs ios. When it comes to buy a phone we surely need someone help because mobile is considered as one of the basic necessities of life. Both Android and ios offer a lot of great features and they may seem basically the same other than brand and price. However both are not definitely same so have a look at the differences and decides which is better for your requirements.

android vs  ios features of android and ios

1 Hardware

Hardware is the better way to decide which smartphone is better .Apple provide only ios so they take control of both hardware and software.While Android Software provides many phones of samsung, HTC, Motorola etc. so Every phone varies from one another.While selecting a phone of Android you have to decide the specific model but with ios the model is decided. IOS have hardware issues but then too ios are of higher qualities.

2 Interface

Android vs ios have similar touch interfaces – swiping, tapping and pinch-and-zoom.Ios home screen contain rows of app icons while Andriod allows the use of widgets, which display auto-updating information such as weather and email.The iOS user interface features a dock where users can pin their most frequently used applications. A status bar runs across the top on both iOS and Android, offering information such the time, WiFi or cell signal, and battery life; on Android the status bar also shows the number of newly received emails, messages and reminders.

3 Speed

If we talk about both the Operating Systems then an iPhone 6s handily beat a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in on speed test that involved opening several apps one by one, cycling through a set of apps twice. The iPhone was able to complete two laps in 1m21s while it took the Galaxy Note 2m4s to finish the same task.The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 boasts better hardware specs and is a much newer phone compared with the iPhone .

4 OS Compatability

In terms of the Operating System ios is quite useful because it has the latest and greatest Version. Android makers are slow at updating their phones to the latest version of the Android OS version.The Updation is very much important because the older phone might loose it support .In this case too,Apple’s support for older phones is generally better than Android’s.iOS have full support for ihpone 5s,iOS 11 was installed on about 66% of compatible models within 6 weeks of its release.On the other hand, Android 8, codenamed Oreo, was ​running on just 0.2% of Android devices more than 8 weeks after its release.​ Even its predecessor, Android 7, was only running on about 18% of devices more than a year after its release. The makers of the phones not users control when the OS is released for their phones and, as stats shows, most companies are very slow to update.

5 Apple app store vs Google Play Store

Google has fewer restrictions than Apple on what kinds of apps it allows in its Play store. Moreover, you can choose to install Android apps from places other than the Google Play store.Apple have tight Control on the Apps because a fake version of WhatsApp was published on Google Play and downloaded by 1 million people before it was removed. Android apps are developed by Programming Languages like C, C++ and Java. It is an “open” platform ie. anyone can download the Android source code and Android SDK for free from the official Google Play store. There is, however, a one-time $25 registration fee for developers who want to publish their apps (whether free or paid apps) on the official Google Play store. Apps published on Google Play undergo a review by Google. The Android SDK is available for all platforms – Mac, PC and Linux.iOS apps are programmed using Objective-C. Developers must pay $99 every year for access to the iOS SDK and the right to publish in Apple’s app store. The iOS SDK is only available for the Mac platform.

6 Intelligent Assistant

The Artificial Intelligences and voice Interfaces of both the smartphones are quite different.Android is ahead than iOS. Google Assistant is considered as one of the most powerful artifical intelligence. It Uses Google and whole world uses google for answers each second.For example if you set the reminder in google calender for meeting at 10.00 a.m .Due to the pick hours and at that time traffic is terrible.So Google Assistant will send you a notification to leave early.While on the other hand ,Siri is still improving each time of its new releases.Siri is not advanced as google Assistant. so compare of android vs ios continues

7 Battery Life

Iphone users worried about recharged their batteries everyday earlier.But Now more recent models of iOS are developed solving this problem.In Andriod the batteries Situations are quite Complex because every models varies from one to another some have 7 inch screens while some have 5 inch screens.Some Android Users have ultra capacity batteries.In terms of Long lasting Batteries Android works much better than iOS on a single charge.Android can go without charging for days in some models.

8 GPS Navigation

To reach to all the places in the world,Gps Navigation is useful.Both platforms support third-party GPS apps that can give drivers turn-by-turn directions.Apps like Google Maps, Waze and Bing are available for both iOS and Android.Apple’s own mapping app, which is bundled with every iOS device, was widely panned when it was launched with iOS 6.Apple Map is also useful and it is updating itself each time of its new releases.It a strong alternative to Google Maps for many users.But If you dont want to try Apple Map then google Map is available on both the Platforms.

9 Web Browsing

Android uses Google Chrome as its web-browser, while iOS uses Safari. Both Internet browsers are similar in quality and abilities .Safari is not useful for Android Users because it is not available on Android Phones,While Google Chrome is available on iOS.Google Chrome is Popular than Safari.

10 Video Chat

Google Hangouts on Android can also be used for video chat, allowing users to chat over either 3G or Wi-Fi. IOS uses Facetime, which can place video calls over both 3G and WiFi. However, it only allows users to communicate with other Apple devices. Apple Users can uses Google Hangout but Android Users cannot uses Facetime.

11 Gaming

Earlier Mobile Video Games such as Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s Playstation Vita were Popular.Apple’s devices like the iPhone and iPod touch, are perhaps the dominant players in the mobile video game market, with tens of thousands of great games and tens of millions of players.Observers are predicting that soon Apple ios will vanish eclipse Nintendo and Sony as the leading mobile game platform.Developers put android on second in terms of making money from gaming .Apple create powerful gaming technologies which in some case works faster as some of the laptops .While Android cant work as powerful as iOS.

12 Security

Security is crucial in smartphone. Because it has all our valid details from personal details to our credit card details. So it becomes much important to secure all details .Iphones security is far better than Android. According to one study 97% of all malware, viruses, worms, etc., were for Android. In that study, 0% attacked the iPhone.Even the head of Google’s Android team admits that “We can not guarantee that Android is designed to be safe. If I had a company dedicated to malware, I should also be addressing my attacks on Android.” Its not like that malware will not affect to iphone but it is more targeted towards Android.

13 Messaging

Android allows users to log onto GTalk for instant messages. iOS does not offer a native way to chat to non-Apple users. Users can message over Apple users using iMessage or use apps from Google for GTalk and Microsoft for Skype. Android vs ios

14 USB Support

Owning a smartphone usually means owning some accessories for it, such as speakers, battery cases, or simply extra charging cables.Android phones offer the widest choice of accessories. if you’re one of those people who really likes to pack light and carry only one cable.That’s because Android uses USB ports to connect to other devices, and USB ports are available practically everywhere.USB-C is also on many PCs these days, as well as on the Nintendo Switch.Apple, on the other hand, uses its proprietary Lightning port to connect to accessories. There are some advantages to Lightning, like that it gives Apple more control over the quality of the accessories that work with the iPhone, but it’s less widely compatible.

15 File System

People like to maintained Stuctured type of data -clearly defined and easily accessible.In that case Android is helpful,when you plug an Android handset into a Windows PC, you can very easily drag and drop files into folders, as if the device were just another drive.And Even to maintain it you dont require to subscribe monthly cloud Service.Android can maintained all the large files easily.While an iOS obscure the file system from the user for everything except photos, which can be very frustrating for dealing with music, documents and other forms of media.

so here is the comparison and features of android vs ios comment below how it is and if u have any query related any topic ask us will help you.

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