Hello Friends, As you all know Smart Phones has occupied a major role in our life. In near Future Smart Phones will take place of Computers and laptops. Do you Know There are millions of best apps for bloggers available which we can use for blogging? As a Blogger we must know some useful apps for Blogging. Now we will share with you Some of the Useful Blogger apps for IOS and Android with you.

Best apps for blogging


1) Google Analytics App

Google Provide Google Analytics tool to track your traffic i.e how many viewers coming to your Blog. This app will allow you to track real-time analytics, bounce rate, audience location, goal conversions, income from your Blog, behaviour of your Readers. It also helps you to track your Business also such as ROI, video, social networking sites etc. It helps to manage all the statistics of your Blog. It especially helpful when you are traveling you worried about checking the traffics etc. You can view any information related to your Blog anytime with this app. The main advantage of this app is you can also share reports of your Blog.

2) WordPress

WordPress is one of the Best and Official blogger app. WordPress app allows you to do the same work as you do from desktop applications.You can create your Content and Publish it easily. You can post your Blog anytime. You can track your Blog, comments, traffics, and all related Statistics. It allows to Publish Photos and Videos. Take Photo from your Mobile Phone and Upload it. Also, you can edit your old post.It is an Open Source Content Management System(CMS). This app is one of the widely used app by Bloggers.

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3) The IFTTT App

The IFTTT(If-This-then-that) App allows you to automate anything from your phone. If you want to share your post on any Social Media Platform you can in a fraction of seconds. Upload any post, It allows you to automatically share it on all your social media accounts as you want.IFTTT makes it easier to share the post. This app will allow other apps to interact with each other. For instance when you upload a photo in Instagram, Facebook will automatically update the status that you upload a photo. You can easily connect with your readers. You can reply to the Comments anytime. IFTTT connects with 630 apps such as Google Drive, Twitter, Weather Underground, and also connects with devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, iRobot, LIFX, Philips Hue, and Android.

4) Google Indic Keyboard

You can type faster in any language as you want. When you want to post your Blog in any native language like Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati, you can use Google Indic Keyboard. Install this app and choose the input keyword to use it. For instance If you wrote a Content in English then it can convert automatically in Hindi.

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5) Buffer App

Buffer app allows you to add images directly from the URL. When you don’t have a particular image in your Phone you can directly share it on any Social Media Platforms. Your work is to copy the URL and your images will be Shared. It helps to track the Schedule Posts and performance of your Content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. It saves your time by not logging into multiple accounts.It automatically shared your images on Social media.Using this you can track all of your activities and along with it your Audience will grow.

6) Evernote

Evernote blogging app is a Blog editor app which helps to organized your notes and checklists. It is known as the note-taking app because you can save your ideas in the form of text, image, or audio in your Mobile Phone. Everett app will synchronize everything between phone, tablet, and computer. You can access them anytime on your laptop. It includes features like sync and organize, web clipper, templates, PDF and Doc search, document scanning, search handwriting, and also allows you to connect with favorite app.

7) Pocket

Pocket is one of the best blogger app. You know about watch later feature of Youtube. Pocket works in the same way. .As a Blogger it happens with you that you find something interesting on the Internet but don’t have time to read it carefully. So you wish it to save it for later. Pocket allows you to do this. It allows you to save links, images, documents, videos, and audios. You can access it anytime. And the main advantage is you can view it later without internet connections.


8) Writer

If you love to write then this is the best app for writing blogs and is a traditional word processor. You can write stories, ideas of your content in the Writer app. It allows you to write something without any distractions like apps messages or any notifications. It is the best app when you want to write without any type of disturbances. Helps to markdown your notes. Best android app used by so many Bloggers. You can easily concentrate on writing.

9) Aweber

Aweber is an email marketing tool. It is the best app for both IOS and Android. Aweber allows you to create opt-in forms, Split testing opt-in forms, Sending a free eBook, Increase your mailing list, Automatic follow up emails, Split test mail outs, Manage email Subscribers and also track their responses. You can easily track how many Subscribers and Unscribers you got. It helps you to track the Performance of broadcast review, messages, subscribers, and growth of your Audience.

10) The Adobe Photoshop Sketch App

You can create a sketch or drawing using pencils, pens, ink brush, thick acrylic to create Image. This image then send as layered files to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. The Adobe Photoshop Sketch App allows you to adjust the size, color,create a sketch brush, vector shapes, etc. In short, it helps you to get all the textures and blending effects as you want. You can add multiple images and drawing layers. It allows you to get the exact type of image you want.

11) Beyond-pod Podcast Manager

Bloggers who don’t want to read the Content later but they find it useful. In this case, Beyond Pod Podcast Manager helps them to listen to audios of Content. You can download the audios and videos and view them later. It is the best Blogging app for those who don’t have time or feel tired to read the content. You can access millions of audios and videos from all over the world. It can automatically create a playlist based on your listening. You can also customize the playlist.


12) Wunderlist App

Wunderlist is a reminder and task manager App. It tracks our to-do-list and notify us to complete our work. It syncs between your Phone, Tablet, and Computer. Smart daily planner app with Microsoft Services. It is a Cloud-Based and Cross-Platform Application.

I hope you find our article helpful. If we miss any applications Please let us know in the Comment sections. Hope you like this article do share your thoughts in our comment section.


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