Best fitness apps for android and ios

best fitness apps

Nowadays Everybody wants to stay fit.Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities.There are three types of People. People who afford gym,people who don’t afford gym,people who left gym in between Don’t Worry!! You can do workout at your home too.Stay Fit even if you can’t get it to gym. Best Fitness apps are here

This digital age provides you with hundreds of Fitness apps to let you break your Sweat.Plus, many of them are free, and you can get started instantly.Fitness apps not only helps you to stay fit but you can do your workout at your own time plus you can create a custom one by selecting body parts and loose fat in short duration.

We’ve listed out mix of free-paid Home Workout Apps for you.You can perform all the exercises with proper guidance and support and also help you to learn how to do your workout in minimum time .Work out anywhere ,anytime.Take a look and Get ready to get your sweat on.

Best Fitness apps

1) Adidas Training and Running by Runtastic

Adidas brand is very popular and most loved brand -its not only now a marketing tool its excellent app for Fitness.Adidas Training and Running by Runtastic allows you to select your muscle groups and create your own workout apt to your Schedule.Join the challenges.It Offers lots of free features.This app monitors your activities like Sports,Cycling and Running to keep you fit.Track distance,time speed,elevation,calories burned and many more.

Allows to customize your dashboard to your needs.Features to let you know your friends and receive custom cheers to do better.Set Personal Goal and target of your choice.Compare Yourself with others and compete with them.Record your workouts and review your statistics.Allows to select the exercises as per your need.At Initial you can take help from the Videos after that You can get the audio feedback from the Voice Coach in the running app.

Create a group and run with your friends or other fitness lovers like you or join one of the many adidas Runners groups and be a part of the many events. Runtastic is integrated with German Connect,Fenix,GPS-enabled Vivo or Edge bike ,Polar Flow and Google Fit.The Adidas Running app is free to download and allows you to use some features like running training plans and other features will be unlocked only with the purchase of Premiuim Membership.

2) J&J Official 7-Minute Workout

J&J Official 7-Minute Workout was designed by Chris Jordan,director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnnson & Johnson Humann Performance Institute.Workouts are Scheduled from 7 to 32 minutes.In this ,Workout Library includes 22 preset workouts differs in duration such as jumping jacks,pushups, wall chair, high-knee running in place, crunches, plank, side plank etc.It has great customize options so you can easily customize your own workout from 72 exercises and 22 workouts libraries. You can control the Music and audio prompts from your devices.It has around 72 high-defination video tutorials to guide you.All the mentioned workouts are simple and you only need chair and wall as equipment.Set the Reminders and it will notify you and help you to stay on track and complete the workouts.

3) The Tone It Up

The Tone It Up Fitness App is specially designed for women to help it tone their shape.Include workouts like Yoga,Cardio,Barre,kettlebell,to pregnancy ,postnatal workouts and also workouts for abs, legs,arms and booty.Helps you to select the workouts with Professional trainers.Trainers help you to loose weight and plan your diet.

Allows you to select your diet including vegetarian,vegan,high protein and gluten free options.You will get daily reminders and workout motivation too.Most astonishing feature is that where this app offers new classes every week so you dont get bored of the same routines.

Here community of women came and as a trainee take classes not only these but share their stories and fitness background which motivates other women .Workouts are designed to make you Sweat and receive support and love from community of women. Track your workouts and start to boost your metabolism ,tone your body and achieve fitness goals at home.

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4) 8Fit

8 Fit is the excellent fitness app and your mobile personal trainer.Consists of the quick workouts routine along with healthy diet.To do workouts from this app you need only your smartphone no other equipment’s are required.Choose the desire workout to loose weight or gain weight.You will get customized diet and select apt from varied workouts requiring for your body.Around 350 exercises are included with variety of levels .Fitness tracker will measure your track.Fitness trainer will guide you as well as motivates you and track your step counter synced to Google Fit.Get Customized Meal Plans.

5) Fitify

Ultimate full body workout App -Fitify helps you to loose weight ,burn fat,build and strengthen muscles.Includes 850 exercises which you can do it as per your daily workout routines.Workouts are Simple,Fresh,Fun and Effective.It has workouts like HIIT,Tabata,Strength Training’s,Cardio and Recovery Sessions with easy to follow video instructions.Workout without any equipment.Features consists of the personalized trainer,20+ prebuilt workouts,15+ prebuilt recovery sessions ,voice coach,clear high definition video and works offline.You can track your history of workout with calendar feature.Build your own workout with workout builder.

Here are some best fitness apps if you guys are using any of this comment below in the comment section.

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