Best latest Artificial Intelligence Applications 2020

Best latest artificial intelligence applications 2020

Artificial intelligence is the most important aspect of the science and technology field and it also helps to make Significant Growth. best latest artificial intelligence applications 2020 It makes our life much easier. Artificial intelligence based on Human Intelligence imported in Machines to do works with the help of algorithms. Uses Machine learning technologies. You have already experienced tremendous Benefits of Artificial intelligence in numerous ways i.e Google Assistant, Driverless Car, Siri, Alexa, and many more. AI applications have impacted on our life so much. Artificial Intelligence is a smart and effective way to save time and be productive all the way. Top Companies like Google and Microsoft had released AI-enabled apps that are beneficial and mark a global change.

Let us have a walk through some of the best latest artificial intelligence applications 2020 that can be used on both Operating systems Android and IOS. So Let’s get started.

best latest artificial intelligence applications 2020

1) Hound

Hound is an Artificial Intelligence app which is the fastest voice-based Assistance. This Digital assistance uses your voices to Search. It is advanced than Google Assistance, Cortona, and Siri. It gets boring when you asked Google Assistance – OK Google find Government Colleges near me, It sounded like search Query. Features include follow-up questions and commands to filter. You can also customize it by adding and sorting the answers. Using Hound app you can ask-OK Hound What are the top Government Colleges near me with minimum criteria. You can customize it in your way.

Even you can jump right to the query Hound Find Indian Restaurant near me rated 4 star within 5 km which excludes Italian, Mexican, and Chinese Foods. You can ask whatever you want. The best part is it is fast responsive. Not only this You can discover your musics, get answers to trivia questions, latest updates, set alarm, information of weather forecasting, book uber, calculations, and many more. It is so fast that it can translate the whole paragraph in any language as you want in a fraction of seconds.

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2) Google Allo

Google Allo is an instant messaging app. This app is for those who are engaged in work and don’t have time to text. It uses your voices to text. You can easily convey your Messages with your friends by Stickers and Emojis.Google Allo included Virtual Assistant which allows Users to Perform actions via their Voices. You can easily text with the help of your Voice. It’s “Smart” Feature which based on machine learning technology suggests a reply to the last message. It also analyzes the image sent to the User to send the Responses. It reply based on the user’s behavior and suggestions over time.”Whisper Shout” which allows the user to increase or decrease the size of a message to represent volume and it also allows to draw on photos before sending them. You can show you creativity by doodling too.


Some People may have difficulty while Speaking English language. For that there is an app Known as – ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) which is a practice app to improve English speaking skills. Digital Assistant app which improves your English accent in free of cost. It also helps to improve your pronunciation mistakes. When you register to the applications it asks your local language based on it generates questions which makes you comfortable.ELSA has experts and several series of exercises and teaching materials. It analyzes your Speaking and finds out exactly where you spoke incorrectly. It also helps how to move your tongue and lips while you Speak. Instruct Users to practice common phrases used in everyday life, work, gym, shop, bus, college, etc. Provide a relaxed environment to the User to make them Confident.

4) Robin – AI Voice Assistant

Robin is yet another voice assistant artificial intelligence app that is used while driving. It helps in getting GPS navigation. Works as a Personal Assistant when you want to find space in Office, Restaurants and parking Place. Helps to get weather forecasting, traffic status, twitter news. You can also listen to your favorite audio and podcasts while driving. Creates playlists based on your interest like NBA, Fashion, Entertainment, and Sports. Even you can view your Post, Shares from Facebook.

5) Sherpa Assistant

What if Convenient information instantly Pop-ups on your Mobile Phone without Searching it. Sherpa Assistant app uses powerful Artificial Intelligence i.e machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms based on probabilistic models that predict the information that will interest you. Manages your Interactions, locations based on your Inputs and provides you results of your Choice. Sherpa will also let you know what’s going on around you, no matter where you are. The more you use it the more you will learn about it.


Mathematics has always been a tough subject for many students. Socratic is a learning app that helps to solve math calculations. Powered by Google AI helps to solve your queries of Maths. When you ask the question it Provide with the best online resources to understand the concept in a better way. You can also take photos of your equations and it provides results instantly. Not only Maths it supports various other Subjects such as Science, Chemistry, History, English, Economics, etc. Use your voice or camera to connect to online resources and understand any problem. It partnered with the best teachers and experts to give visual representation so the User can understand the Concept.

7) Stiff Magic Cleaner

Are you worried about how to manage Space of your SmartPhones?Your Mobile phone may have lots of waste, duplicate Photos in your gallery. Stiff Magic Cleaner is a popular intelligence artificial intelligence app that helps to detect junk photos on your Phone. World’s most powerful cleaner AI application. Images are deleted based on machine learning algorithms. If the Photo is not important to the users it instantly deletes from your Phone. It Separates Useful and Junk photos so you can easily delete all the junks from your phone in just one tap.

8) Youper

If you are in depression or you want to relax your mind you need someone to talk to. If you don’t have anyone you can use this app. A quick conversation with Youper might be all you need to feel your best. Emotional health assistant app which helps users to feel assistant to their side.Your uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize various therapy and mindfulness techniques to fit your needs. Monitors your health and emotions and provides you with quicker conversation. It incorporates strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and other approaches.

Artificial Intelligence is widely used. It will bring a lot of new devices, apps and many more shortly. I hope you will explore these above-listed apps. the article best latest artificial intelligence applications 2020 ends here. If you have any query your Suggestions do let us Know.

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