Best wordpress plugins for seo

Top seo plugins for wordpress

Friends, in today’s post, we will know who are the top Best wordpress plugins for seo? If you are a blogger then you must know what SEO are? And how important SEO is for our blog.

Friends, no matter how good content is on your WordPress website, but if it is not SEO Optimized, then it is not right for your blog. Because your website will not appear in Search Result, which will reduce the chances of getting traffic. There are so many WordPress SEO plugins available in the market, it is very confusing to choose good SEO plugins for your WordPress blog. Friends, if you are also searching for SEO Plugins for your WordPress Website, then today we will simplify your search because today we are going to tell you who are the Top Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Website?

Today we will discuss here about The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress which you can use for your WordPress website or blog. A good SEO Plugin is no less than a miracle for your WordPress blog, so read all the below mentioned WordPress SEO Plugins carefully.

Best seo plugins for wordpress website

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin is the most used SEO Plugin, you can guess it only by the fact that it is used by 5 Million + people in the world. It is the most downloaded WordPress SEO plugin ever. Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin is a comprehensive solution to meet all the essential On Site SEO needs of your blog. This allows you to add SEO Title Meta Description and Meta Keywords to every post and page of your blog.

The Yoast SEO plugin takes care of many aspects of your WordPress Blog Seo. In fact, if you are using different WordPress plugins for Sitemap, Redirection and some other features, then you will stop using them after using Yoast SEO. Here are some things you can achieve using the Yoast SEO plugin

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SEO by Squirrly

SEO by Squirrly provides Awesome Features to make your website SEO friendly. Friends as we all know Content is the King. This plugin allows each post’s content to be optimized for both users and search engines. In this plugin is useful for all Blogger, be it SEO expert or beginners. This plugin helps you in real time and prompts you when writing blog posts or content. And help you make your Post Content 100% SEO friendly. This plugin also acts as a keyword suggestion tool which helps you in semantic keywords search for your website or blog.

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Broken link checker WordPress plugin

Broken links can not only create a bad experience for your visitors, but they can also affect the SEO of your site. If you have been running a blog for some time, you should periodically check for Broken links on your site and fix them. Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress Plugin that allows you to find Broken Links on your WordPress site. Allows You can then fix those links without even editing your post.

It is a highly useful plugin, and it is completely free. The only downside to this is that this Plugin can slow down your site. Some hosting providers such as WPEngine have already blocked this plugin on their servers.

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There are many cases when we have to redirect one URL to another URL within a website. Sometimes we have to redirect 404 Page to relevant pages to provide better User Experience. This plugin helps you a lot in tracking 404 pages and creating them in 301 redirection. This also enhances SEO with Users Experience.

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W3 Total Cache

The faster your website loads, the higher its rank. Many Bloggers often ignore this and provide a bad Users Experience with their slow websites. W3 Total Cache Plugin helps in performing Cache operations, CDN integration, and more on your website. The W3 Total Cache Plugin is the best Cache Plugin available on WordPress. This plugin promises to deliver up to 99% of your blog visitor’s static files using mod rewrite, PHP, or legacy caching. Configuring the W3 Total Cache Plugin is also very simple.

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All in one SEO pack

All in one SEO pack is developed by Michael Torbert. Millions of users have been using it since 2007. Most of the features are similar to the Yoast SEO plugin. In All in one SEO Plugin you can generate Meta Tag Automatically and optimize Tile Tag. You can use All in One SEO Pack for SEO Optimization of WordPress site. It is also very easy to use. Some of the features of All in one SEO Puglin are as follows.

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SEO Optimized Image

People prefer to read an article with an image than an image without an image. That’s why articles with image always have good rankin in Google. Image helps a lot in making our Post Content more interesting. This plugin automatically updates the alt and title tags of all images according to SEO Automatically and also prevents your WordPress site from being slowed down.

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WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Nowadays people access websites from various devices, among which mobile phones are the most popular. So we need to make sure that it looks user-friendly when someone accesses your website through a mobile phone. WPtouch Mobile Plugin automatically enables you to enable a simple and elegant mobile theme on your WordPress site.

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Friends, in today’s post, we found out who are the Top Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Website? These WordPress SEO plugins will improve your search engine ranking by making your website SEO Friendly and will also help you a lot in bringing more traffic from Search Engine. To know more about wordpress, click on the link what is wordpress? learn wordpress in just 20 mins. For android related new updates and features of android vs ios click on the link android vs ios .

so now if we forget any other plugins then comment below in the given comment section will feature in new article on seo plugins.

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