Bloggers should avoid this 15 Mistakes

Hello Friends, Are you all worried about why no one is coming to your Blog? you took all correct steps of Blogging -selecting Perfect theme, good Content, SEO tips etc but then too none results you are Getting? Maybe you are doing some mistakes. We all do mistakes whether we are Beginner or doing it for Months. Don’t worry we are here to guide you about Bloggers should avoid this 15 Mistakes.

Bloggers should avoid this 15  Mistakes

So Let’s see some of the Blogging Mistakes and Techniques to improve your Blogging and get results as you want.

1) You don’t have Proper Niche

Many Beginners does this Mistake. Before deciding niche they start Blogging. If you don’t have a niche in your Blog you will write on random topics. Like Someday you will write on WordPress and another day you will write on Technology Updates. So before Blogging choose Proper Niche. It will help you to grow your Audience.

2) You don’t Know what your Audience want

Sometimes it happens that Bloggers write some unusual Content. Content which is waste for your Readers. They will lose your Site. The main agenda of Blogging is to share your Knowledge with People. Knowledge should be appropriate. If your visitor doesn’t find it useful they will leave.

I have one of my Friends who started Blogging before me and now he has good traffics. I followed him he writes on point Content. He don’t write on any Topics. He research before so to connect with their Readers easily. He knows exactly what his audience want. If a visitor comes to your site so it’s your responsibility to provide content that he wants. To know what exactly your audience wants to try Some of the tips given below:

  • Check Posts which have more traffics, so you get an easy idea about Which Content they like the most. Try to write that type of Content more.
  • Ask your audience what they want by Comment sections or email.
  • Try to connect your readers with your Post.
  • Write Content that matters more to readers.

If you learn what exactly your Audience wants you will surely improve your writing skills. Remember Content is the King. If you give what your Audience wants they will become your Reader.

3) You Don’t Do Regular Blogging

SEO optimizes your Website when you post new and Original Content. To become a Successful Blogger you have to Post your Content regularly. I have seen so many Bloggers who start Blogs and after not getting results, highly demotivated they leave Blogging. Have Patience, Blogging is a long -term Process. You just have to write Powerful Content which grabs the attention of many visitors. If you don’t Post regular you will not get high Traffics. Try to write 2 -3 per week. The more you will Blog the more traffic you will get.

4) Don’t Stretch your Content

This is one of the Biggest Mistakes we all do. We unnecessarily stretch our Content. Write Proper Content and useful. Don’t broaden your Content unnecessarily. It will lack the interest of your Reader. Write on point Content. Don’t write too small or too large Content. Try to frame your Content in 1000+ words.No Doubt if your Content is long your Bounce rate will increase. Make Sure your Content not consists of other than your Topic.

5) Write Unique Content

Always remember that Google never shows duplicate website to its Users. If you have duplicate Content then Readers will leave your site immediately. Write Original Content. Beginner do this mistake often. Refer to another website but don’t Copy their Content.

6) Your Blog is Not User Friendly

People who come to your Website will follow the instructions you Provided them. And if they don’t understand it they will leave your site. Use proper navigation’s for your Readers. Not Everybody understands your Theme better so use proper instructions to guide them better. Use User-Friendly theme. So everybody has an idea about the Blog easily.

7) You write for SEO

Bloggers write Content and focus on SEO to boost their traffics. Everybody wants their website to rank on top. Follow some of the SEO techniques.No Doubt SEO is important but remember your audience is as much as important. Share your knowledge with other people. Don’t just ran behind rankings. Focus to share your Content with many People.

8) You don’t expand your Networks

You all Know to increase traffic and to reach to new Audience guest Posting is so much important. check what is guest post here. For that, Always connect with more Bloggers. Increase your email list. Connections with the audience and other Bloggers both are important.

Focus on to increase your networks. When you connect with other Bloggers you will learn so many things about Blogging.Join Bloggers Community and gain knowledge from them.You cant do Blogging alone, You need guidance and you will get this from other Bloggers. If you have good content but you don’t have traffic then it’s of no Use.

9) You have less Subscriber

Increase your Subscriber as you have more Subscriber you can connect with them can easily connect with them whenever you want. Add CTA(Call-To-Action) to your Blog, so readers can easily interact with you.

10) Without Thinking you Comment

Comment Sections are an important part of Blogging. Through comment you can interact with your Users. Sometimes there are good as well as bad comments. Many Bloggers without thinking reply to comments. Even it is a bad comment don’t reply in a bad manner. It is a bad comment and you don’t like it but then to think and reply. Comment Section is a bridge between you and readers. your reply will build a relationship between you and the reader. If your reply is offensive then your reader will not come back again. Try to maintain your relationship with Comment Sections in a good way.

11) Build many Blogs

When Bloggers create Blog they create so many Blogs along with it. When you started a new blog you don’t get results so you start another Blog. Don’t do this multiple Blogs will leads you to depression. Blogging will not give you success overnight. When you want to handle multiple Blog you need teams to do it. Multiple blogging is a good idea but only when you have Proper Team. When you are Beginner don’t get demotivated and start Multiple Blogs. Focus on one Blog only.

12) Email Subscriber Widgets

It’s very necessary to build an email list in your Blog. You have so many Free and Premium tools available in the market For Email marketing. Mailchimp is a free tool used by many Bloggers. so Bloggers should avoid this 15 Mistakes.

You can build your Email Subscriber Widgets in Sidebar, Footer, or in between the Content. Building an Email list will helps you to boost your Traffics. If you are doing Affiliate marketing you can use an email list to sell your Products. Through Email Marketing you can gain 10 times Profit through Adsense.

13) You don’t Backup your Website

You don’t know when will your site goes down.For safety purposes have backup of your website. So you can restore it anytime you want. If Hackers hacked your website in that case you have to delete the database associated with your Blog.If you have a backup so you can use that database too.Backup your website once in a month. Updraftplus Plugin is the Best free Plugin tool used to backup website. If you are using WordPress you can backup your Website in three ways.

  • Manual Backups.
  • Backups from your WordPress hosting company.
  • Automated backups using WordPress backup plugins.

14) Promote Your Blog

Share your Blog in all your Social Media Accounts. This is the best way to get a new Audience and increase your Traffics. Not many people know about your Blog so share them and let them know.Now a days you can grow your blog by organic traffic or by social traffic. You may get 10000 traffic from social networking sites like facebook, medium and Pinterest. and next article i m making on how to grow your traffic from pinterest. so be ready for it. and this way you should avoid this 15 Mistakes

15) Don’t use Google only

You share your Blog only on Google -Search Engine. Majorly People Use google but there are People who use other Search Engines too. You can add Sitemap of your website in Search Engines like yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.

Conclusion: Here ends our Article. Follow the Steps and hope you did not make any Mistakes further. If you have any suggestions or query do let us know. If you Know any other Blogging Mistakes share with us.

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