At a time when life is getting expensive and death is becoming cheaper, at that time I do not want to give any advice to myself or you, neither order, nor speech, nor request, nor advice.

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Day to day all cases are getting higher so as per the government rules. Obey government Rules and stay home & stay safe. Because lock-down will help to lower down the cases of Corona-virus COVID-19 UPDATES.

How you can be safe from coronavirus.

  • Washing your hands frequently will help you to defend.
  • All people have to maintain social distancing.
  • If you having lil fever, Coughing and having some difficulty in breathing should had checkup or testing of coronavirus and be quarantine.
  • must remember about not to touch at your mouth, nose and eyes.
  • allways stay allert and if you having any health problem consult doctors to be safe.

if you have any problems or issues you can call on 1075 or you can do whats app also on +91-9013151515 Get COVID-19 updates.

Indian goverment has also launched android app name as arogya setu. This app has been developed by the Government of India with a public-private partnership. This app is designed to fight coronavirus (covid-19). The government says that this application will help people to know how much they are at risk of infection with coronavirus.

How this app is working ?

The answer to this question has not been given correctly. But it is related to the information given by the Government of India. I would like to tell you that. In this application people create their ID, they fill their complete information. And activate your GPS. Through which the information of all of us reaches the Government of India. This application transmits information to the people using arogya aap with its algorithm.

That there is a need to stay away from the person around you. Which place is unsafe. In the same way, it takes information from everyone and gives it to each other. It is not fully named. I want to tell you in advance that somewhere you are thinking that it will tell your confidential information to others. So there is nothing like that. Your information cannot be removed from here.

The Government of India has launched the official Corona virus tracking aap for the help of the general public. The name of this app is arogya setu. The National Informatics Center is the maker of this application. Which works by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Arogya Setu has an important contribution in the fight against epidemics like Corona virus.

With the help of this application you get to know how much danger Covid-19 is around you. And reduces your risk. If you want to use this application in android then you can download it by going to Google Play Store. And if you use an IOS then you can go to your App Store and download Arogya Setu App from playstore for free.

First of all, download this application given by the Government of India from Google Play Store.

As soon as you download it, open it and you will come to choose your language, then select the language in which you want to choose one and click on the Next button.As soon as you click on the Next button, you will be told a lot of information. such as

We all have the ability to stop the coronavirus epidemic spreading in India. Do you want to get information that someone who is in contact with you is not a positive person of Covid-19.

In the same way, more information will be given to you in this application, now what you have to do. Simply put, let me tell you the first install the application. You have to turn on your Bluetooth and GPS so that it takes note of your location.

Now you will have net option to register. As soon as you click on the registered button, you go to the next page, there you are shown some terms and conditions which you have to agree. As soon as you click on the button I agree, in addition to your location, he will ask you to alarm for your location device.

Now as soon as you make a call, you are asked for your mobile number. As you enter your mobile number, you are asked for your OTP which comes on your mobile phone. Now you have to put your what in this.

Now you will be asked to fill some of your information out of which. First of all, you have to tell whether you are male or female or other, Now you need to put your full name in it.Then you will be asked about your age.

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