How to make money by flipping expired domains.

How to make money by flipping expired domains.

Well you might have seen there are hell of money making tips and tricks on internet and not everything work, 90% of them are crap. You won’t make money until you don’t understand how system works. First try to search and find how you that company or tricks work for you and why you are getting profit. lets start How to make money by flipping expired domains.

I have one simple and best tactic to make lots of money by flipping expired domains. You might have seen many people are making hell of money by flipping domains and website and earning a huge profit. If you are flipping more then 10 domains per week then easily you can make 500$ per month by just flipping expired domains. Lets take an example you found PR 5 domain with good DA and PA and you register it for 3$ after applying godaddy coupon and then you can sell that PR 5 domain in 60- 70$.. Sounds good i am not joking just check digitalpoint forum you will see with your own eyes.

In this article i will tell you the perfect strategy to buy and sell domains that will really worth for you. You will have to purchase expired domains and sold it for good prices seems interesting and easy but is it really that’s the only thing we should know ? No No, you need to learn the best practices to grab expired domains and the best marketplace to sell domains..

Lets first understand what expired domain is ?

The domains that we don’t renew or forget to renew for some reasons, lets say you got busy with work or out of work or don’t have money to renew then domain registrar give you 30 days renewal period to renew your domain.

Again you can’t renew your domain within the given time period of 30 days then your domain would be considered as expired and then bidding will be started for you domain. Bidding will continue for 7 days and if you win domains will be yours.

Now you need to how to buy expired domains.. let are lot of website who provide these kinds of tool and services to find expired domains, but i will tell you easiest one which i use for myself.

Go to

This will looks like this.

How to make money by flipping expired domains.

Create your free account there and then sign in using your account you see following window

Now click on .com .net .org which extension you want to grab. You will get huge list of expired domains in your dashboard area. Its all not done now.. Still need to learn how to find expired domains.

You need to filter lots of thing and find out good expired domains with good PR, DA PA and backlinks. I will tell you how to filter expired domains. here is the screen shot through which you can filter it.

Don’t be in hurry take a little time and filter the domains which would really worth for you. There are hell of Fake PR domains with red symbol you just need to be aware of it. Once you will check mark on the given option that is mention above after that you need to PR which is sort domains by High PR order.

Now check the domains which you like and do research for that domain whether it is good or not.. Don’t worry i will tell how to find good expired domains with high PR (Page Rank ) DA (Domain Authority) DA (Domain Autority)

Things to remember before buying Expired domains.

As i told you you need to check Domain Authority and Page authority of the domain. You check PA(Page Authority ) DA (Domain Authority ) You can check it here –

Check the domains whether it is banned by google or not get banned. at this link

Check for google adsense: whether the site has been banned for google adsense or not. If site has been banned for google adsense then you can’t use that domain for google adsense monetization.

Check Website archive :

This tool will let you know how the website was before it was expired. It will show calender view wher the website design or has been changed thatportion will be marked by blue circle and click on that will show you the view of the website of that date.

Now you have your domain which is ready for sale. Here are somebest marketplace to sell domains with good prices. if you want to known how to do seo and learn seo click on this link learn seo in 15 mins & you cam also earn money from your mobile phone what to earn some money check this post earn money from mobile app.

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