Is Tiktok Safe for the Users? How tiktok works.

Chinese based Company ByteDance launched TikTok on Apple devices in 2017 after the US-based Vine shutdown in 2016. Tiktok is a video sharing and lip-sync app which attracts a lot of attention in the past year. Not Popular because of the good Reasons. The problem is that it estimated 800 million new Users every year from that 60 percent are from ages of 16 to 24. Almost 1/7 world Population are using Tiktok app. Is Tiktok Safe for the Users? How tiktok works.

Recently Tiktok crosses 1 billion downloads widely on Google Play Store. People without realizing install this viral application which becomes a major issue. Downloaded 104 million times from Apple’s App Store in the first 6 months of 2018.

In 2018 Tiktok was ranked as No.4 worldwide on both the Android and Ios platform as the most downloaded app. In 2019 it ranked higher than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. It emerged as a hot social media platform. As of June 2019, it was estimated that there were 120 million monthly TikTok users in India. There are 119 Million Active Users in India. The app is available in over 150 nations and 75 languages. Tiktok becomes the most successful apps in history. Is Tiktok Safe for the Users? How tiktok works.

No doubt Tiktok is the most popular app right now. But its time to pay serious attention to Tiktok. It has severe cons which provide unexpected consequences. We’ve handpicked some of the facts and will share in this Post.

Is Tiktok Safe for the Users How tiktok works.

1) Bad Impact on Children

As above discussed Tiktok has 60 percent of the audience as teenagers and youth. It targets minors for Popularity. It is concerning why under-13 kids are setting up the TikTok account without parental consent. This app promotes targeted advertising, exploitation, Suicide, bullying, Obscenity, and harassment.

There are highly number of videos that are not appropriate and view by the children. Recently Washington has a problem with the app is that it has been adopted for use by terrorist groups noticeably ISIS. The terrorist content creators proved surprisingly adept at using the app to propel their videos to some small amount of fame.

It represents a serious threat because this app video is mostly viewed by children. If ISIS or other terror can use the app to normalize their ideology they will directly target the teen audience. Indonesian government already banned Tiktok because of this reason but it was later lifted.

2) Dangerous challenges

There are so many dangerous viral challenges available in Tiktok. Not only children many are affected. Many are participating in risky challenges to get more views. Because of this so many Tiktok Stars were end up in hospitals. Challenges such as Skullbreaker Challenge in which it consists of three people standing next to each other the middle one will jump in the air and two people on his sidekick out his legs.

This is the topmost scariest challenge of Tiktok.Many leads to skull injuries. Few people died doing this challenge. The Penny challenge which includes slide a penny behind a phone charger that was partially plugged in. Many thought the resulting spark as “Fun” part but in some cases it causes severe fire.

Another was the Cha-Cha challenge (Kiki Challenge) in which participants coming out of a moving car, leaving the door open and then dance to the song beside their slow-moving vehicle and drove their cars to the lyrics of the Song. Many fell on the road smack their head and causing severe injuries.

3) Lack of Security

When you Sign up in Tiktok and creates a video at that time it will ask permission to access your camera, audio, video, and SD card which is common like any other Social media Platforms. The major Problem is Tiktok has also been accused of harvesting data without user permission i.e your Location.

It will track your location without asking your permission.It takes information from your SIM card. When you open your Tiktok account without mentioning your location it will show videos of your native more in your Feeds. You will be amused because Tiktok has never asked the location. The reason is quite Simple it takes regional information from your SIM card, Regional people are targeted more to get more Views.

Because there is no search option available Platforms Controls what you want to watch. You can also use VPN (Virtual Private Network) as a solution but this will not help because it had already track your SIM information. The worst part is there is no warning mentioned in the Privacy Policy of TikTok. Even those who understand the agreement face this Problem of not securing the data.

Tiktok uses insecure Http Connection for the delivery of video content to load faster. This is the most dangerous problem of a video sharing app.TikTok uses Content delivery and targeted global audience now. This Servers were easily hacked by the hackers.

When you delete your TikTok account, Tiktok has the right to keep your data in Server as per their need. Because of these Security issues Recently Tiktok had to pay huge fines as the U.S Government claims it collects personal information from children under 13.US also worried about Is China government spy on Americans and influence Political decisions.

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4) Privacy Issues

There are so many Privacy issues on every Social media Platform which is not a big concern for many people. In 2007 China enacted a law that if you are a Chinese Company that you have to share the collected data from all the Chinese apps to the Chinese Government.

ByteDance is a Chinese company and they share data with the Chinese government. Due to its Security and Privacy risk even Military and intelligence analysts share their concern about Tiktok. They have the constant fear that it will expose national information to the Chinese government.

Even if you read Tiktok policies it describes how it collects data and information from users and devices including user content and communications, IP addresses,location-related data, device identifiers, cookies, metadata, and other sensitive personal information. According to the report of CyberSecurity Firm CheckPoint claims recently that Tiktok hackers can easily track your information even Hackers can share your video on other accounts and easily add or delete videos.

Indian Ministry of Defence declared to delete 42 Chinese apps from the Mobile Phones. India does not have a proper protection Act. We are only going to respond if something causes harm to our data. China don’t have Freedom of Press, Government controls all the Entertainment Media. We are using Chinese Apps which causes severe harm to our data. Privacy on the Internet is a Myth.

Whenever we use any Service of the App we are the product and our data is considered as Currency. If you want to use Tiktok then just keep your account Private and only allow your followers to see your Content. Tiktok is an app that connects us virtually with so many People so mindfully maintain your Privacies. Is Tiktok Safe for the Users? How tiktok works.

5) Blocked Content

According to the report of German Site Netzpolitik TikTok itself admitted that it hide Content from disabled people, people with facial disfigurements, people with some birthmark on face, fat people, LGBTQ, autism, and dawn syndrome.

When these people upload their videos on the TikTok account the moderators were instructed to add a flag in their account and also to limit their viewership. These flags might stop showing their videos to some other user’s feed or sometimes block their content too. When asked the reason to the company they said this policy has been made to prevent cyberbullying and harassment.According to the Disability rights campaigners this is a Peculiar Policy.

Every Application comes with its Pros and Cons. There’s must be some reason why TikTok is used by so many people.In Free time you can make videos and entertain others by your Talent and its easy to use. Its depend on us how we are using that application. Before installing read all the Privacy Policies and your Security is in your hand. Hope you liked our article Is Tiktok Safe for the Users? How tiktok works. Do share your valuable experience with us.

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