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AS per the title you know, about the topic. here we learn about some Keyword research tools for free. which is beneficial for all you can do keyword research everywhere with the help of your mobile phone or maybe with your laptop because the keyword research tools are the best free keyword tools for all the bloggers and also help you to grow your website.

So all bloggers are having some issues related that they are not getting index on the search engine they are not getting rank to the website. so guys do keyword research before you make content because keyword research is the main if you are not doing SEO to your site because SEO is a very important topic to rank your site so bloggers beware about that and here are some keyword finder or keyword search tool.

so here we are giving this information because you get the information of the low volume keyword and you rank to that keyword by keyword research tool doing research on this website and this all website is free and you can easily use it.

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1) Wordtracker

Keyword Research Tools

Word tracker is a free keyword research tool and helps you to grow your webpage or blog. you can simply search keywords on the search bar and after that, you have to just press enter and you will get the research done by word tracker. On this website you can do 10 searches per day without login and you can adjust your territory as per your wish. I suggest putting territory on the world and you can get the volume of keyword and competition you also adjust your competition as per you manage to do.

2) Answer the public

Keyword Research Tools

Answer the public is having good UI as per the all website you can see. On this website you can see the result in query form if you search SEO tools then the website will show you the result in some of the question form as per the people are doing searches on the search engine so you can do good research with this research tool. this is also one of the best websites and you can do free research over here.

keyword research tool | keyword everywhere| keyword finder | keyword tool

3) Soovle

Keyword Research Tools

On this website, you can do keyword searches on other search engines like being, google, yahoo and amazon. On this website you just have to write the keyword and you will get the keyword which are searches in the search engine you don’t have to press enter. in this way, you will find your keyword research fast and free.

4) Instakeyword

Instakeyword is one of the best keyword research tool. Here you have to register and login after that you will get open your account there is also a premium version of this tool do here also you can find keyword hassle-free and easily just by entering a keyword in the search and you will get your research result. here in this tool you will get 100 keyword research free for 1 month and then after that you have to purchase a premium version for more keyword research. you will also get the information about the CPC for Adsense and competition of your keyword.

5) Keywordtool Dominator

Keyword tool Dominator you can do keyword research with the help of google keyword research tool and you can also find keywords for youtube also and the paid version is also available but I think it is not worthy so just go for free keyword research tool and you will find the low volume keyword for free and help you to rank your website makes easy for you.

keyword research tool | keyword everywhere| keyword finder | keyword tool

6) Keysearch

Keysearch is also one of the best keyword research tool and free for you. you just have to signup in these tools and after that you have to get login into your account and you can start your keyword research.

7) Keywordin

Keyword Research Tools

Keywordin is also a simple interface website which helps you to do Keyword research. in this tool you will get two features Generate Keyword and PPC and the other is generate new domain names. you just have to enter your keyword and enter you will get results of your keyword research perfectly.

So here you have seen all the tools but I have to clear some issues because all bloggers are facing this problem, no one is doing keyword research and without that they are doing blogging and they are not getting rank on Google or any other search engine. so just check and do keyword research after that the SEO is also an important part if you are doing a blog on low volume keyword so you just need to do perfect keyword research and just simple on-page SEO and you will get index in no time at google search engine. and you will get organic traffic.

If you don’t know how to do SEO then, What is on-page SEO and off-page SEO Read Here. I hope you will get clear your thoughts about your keyword research and SEO. If you are a WordPress blogger you just have to use Yoast plugin for SEO which helps you for on-page SEO. Yoast SEO plugin Learn in 10 mins Read here.

So here the article is getting over here if you like our today’s article do share with your blogger friends on Facebook & whats app and comment below of you have problems in Keyword Research

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