On-page seo and off-page seo

on page seo and off page seo

Hello friends we are back with the new topic, the topic is about on page seo and off page seo. Both are very important to get succeed your website or webpage. Here as you known all seo has two different part one is on page and other is off page. so we will talk about both on page seo and off page seo in details.

On page seo

Here on page seo is also call as on-site seo. because you had to the seo on website page, you have to optimize our site that affects our rankings. mainly on page seo is having some fact included. You have to do Keyword research because it is a core seo and allways remember the keywords should be small.

Title Tags

You have to write the title as per the targeted keyword on all your site pages. allways remember title tags should be small.


Heading is the only thing which shows the greater impact and that is the reason search engine makes efforts to rank faster then other normal pages. you can also target your keywords in headings it will give your rank faster and grow up your rankings organically. so make sure to put headings on all your page of website.

Structure of Url

Url is also an important key for rank your on site seo. you should give your title as your url which is also call as slug.

eg:- my website is www.bloggingcartel.com and i have title of my blog is onpage seo and off page seo so the url will become www.bloggingcartel.com/on-page-seo-and-off-page-seo/

You also do one good thing allways mention the old links(blog) on your new links(blog). this is the very important thing for every blogger.

Alt tag

Alt tag is used for images. you had to describe the images properly with the help of alt tag. searching is also crawl your images. if you had describe proper keyword to it helps search engine for proper understand about your page.

Page load speed

Page load speed is also a point in seo your website speed should be faster, load all pages faster. so that you provide your user a best experience. Your css files or java script files are getting errors then solve that issues. sometimes website is also getting load due to the high quality of images. optimize the images so that the website will load faster and will be a good impact on the visitors.

Page content

Page content is one of the powerful part. here your content should not be copy content it should be with the proper wordings. it should be in a readable format. page content is allways useful to your user son that basis you have to write the content.

Internal Linking

Internal linking means you have to link your website other pages. Allways visitors or users are found of that link if a learner wants to learn some topic related to that link then he will open it and you will get more traffic on that page.

It is insure that site can be check by the user and also by search engine robots. if you have good on page seo then you will index on the google and then it will known the website what is this all about and easily navigate. then it helps you to grow your site accordingly to these method. & If you are using wordpress then it is easily to do on-page seo check out the link will help you for best seo plugins for wordpress

Out Bound link

Out bound link means you have to link any other website it can be anything. outbound link is also helping you to get crawl. eg you can give outbouds link like you have words like blogger so you can give link blogger.com to blogger that is how outbounds link work

on page seo and off page seo

Off page seo

off-page SEO is working to increase your domain authority through the link you are getting from the other website. these types of link is called backlinks. it is working on backlinks you have to blog find someone who is also doing blogging you can contact with them then get backlinks from them. nowadays backlinks are getting a purchase at high rates so you can also earn money if you are a good blogger and you are having good content on your website then there are many bloggers who will contact you for the backlinks.

If the higher domain authority domian is there will gives you a good traffic from that in seo there is also two differents kinds of backlinks

1 No-follow Backlinks

2 Do-follow Backlinks

No-follow Backlinks

in this No-follow Backlinks is off 20%. you can generate no follow backlinks by doing comments on facebook post. can also do comments on any bloggers comments section from here you will get no follow backlinks.

Do-follow Backlinks

Do-follow Backlinks is of 80%. you can get do follow backlinks by purchase from high DA website or getting free by doing backlinks exchange. Nowadays many bloggers are giving free backlinks and many are giving paid backlinks but do-follow backlinks are very effective and grow your website faster and will get crawl on a search engine. 

For getting more traffic you can also share your link to social media. but that will be social referring traffic and that will also gives you a good traffic if you have a quality of content. so here will do windup the this article. will be back with some new articles still you can check out how to earn money from home from this link you know about some useful apps on playstore and you can download it and you may earn 10,000rs per month so check out this and if you have any query about seo write down your query in below comments section will help you with your issues. till than share with your friends who wants to learn about seo and wordpress.

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