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How to start a free blog at, nowadays it is a very good way to earn money online, there are many websites on the internet net, here you can make a blog, we will tell you about the most popular site blogspot

If you have never blogging before, then I advise you to start your blog from blogspot, blogspot is the product of google which allows you to make a blog for free, you should start your blog by a Niche. You want to start a blog just to earn money, it is very difficult for you to get success because to get success in blogging, it is very important for you to be a Passionate of blogging.

When you get a good knowledge about blogging and now you want to earn money from your blog, then you have to move your blog to wordpress because on wordpress you get a lot of tools to make your blog good. All professional blogger runs your blog only wordpress, you should buy your own domain and hosting before running your blog on wordpress.

start your free blog with

How to Create a Blog ?

Like we told you that if you are a new blogger, then you should start your blog from blogspot, which you have to start from a Niche, blogspot is a very good platform for free blogging.

Steps to make new blog ?

To start your blog on blogspot, you have to search and you will have to login with your gmail account, after that you will have to click on new blog

After clicking on the new blog, a new page will open, there you will get 3 options, in the first one you will have to write the title name of your blog.

In another option, you have to enter the address, in which you have to enter the URL of your blog, such as, because the same url appears when you open your blog, I advise you to own Make a blog by purchasing domain because this way makes your blog good.

After entering your url in the address, you have to choose the template for your blog. You can choose any template for your blog. Whenever you open your blog through any browser, you will see that template. After selecting, you create Create Blog! Clicking on it will make your blog

Earn money from blog

When your blog started working well and you felt that you want to earn some money from the blog, then you can apply in Google Adsense, I have heard that when the daily organic traffic of your blog started coming up a lot Only then to apply for google adsense, you have to click on blogspot or on Earning.

Stay passionate for blogging

When you start writing the blog, you will have to fix your time table for blogging, you will have to check your blog daily and reply to the comment, if you are not regular on your blog then your blog may fail. As many bloggers become, while blogging, you always have to be passionate about blogging.

You get success very hard in blogging, for this you have to work very hard, you have to regularly update your blog and also put your blog on social media, your blog’s love is always passionate and You will definitely get success while trying to make your blog better

If you have any query and how was our blog tell us your review in the comment section will happy to help you with your query and next blog is on how to blog at wordpress in free, if you want to known how to install wordpress and what is wordpress? check out the link

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