Unknown apps for android, Usefull in 2020


There are over 2.56 million android apps available in the Google Play Store. Android applications allow you to chat,video calls, browse the internet, online shopping any many more which makes our life much easier. But what about the other unknown android apps which, you’ve never heard of. New unknown apps are launched every day. Here are some of he unknown apps which are nit used in android devices and usefull in 2020

In today’s post we will discuss some of the Best Unknown Android Applications. If you have been looking for some unknown app then this article is for you. Read Full article to know each.So Let’s Get Started

Unknown apps for android, Usefull in 2020

1) Trusted Contacts

Trusted contacts app is designed by Google. This was designed for the Personal Safety. You can add your friends and family as Trusted Contacts in the list. It will request your location which you can deny if you don’t want to share the location. It will automatically share your last location. The main advantage is it works even when you are Offline or your Phone Switches off. If Someone in the list requests your location they also get to know that you are offline or your phone is out of battery. Connect with the People even in the times of danger.

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2) Auto Hash

As you all know hashtags are much important in Social Media.When you don’t have any idea about which hashtag is popular you can use the Auto Hash app. It is the automation apps for hashtags.It becomes difficult to find a perfect hashtags trending. For that we have to check on Instagram manually. With these apps you can get the best hashtags without any effort. It works using an algorithm to find the Perfect hashtag related to your Images. Your work is to just click the image and it will show Popular Hashtags. The feature of this app is to recognizes your Images and Provides with best results. This is also unknown app and not installed by people in android devices

3) Screen

Kin screen is nothing but just keeping your screen automatically on. While we are reading it feels annoying when the screen gets off. You don’t have to click on the Power button again and again.screen keeps your Screen on but in case your battery is low it automatically turns off. Its features include many monitors sensors that work in various ways. The motion method detects you holding your device. Waving over the proximity sensor method detects to optionally extend the timeout. The tilt angle method automatically keeps the screen on even when you are not holding the Phone or you are tilting your phone at a certain angle. You can also turn the screen off when no keep-on features are active.

4) Octopus

This app is for the game lovers. Octopus lets you play games using gamepads,mouse, and keyboard. There are lots of apps available which does not support any gamepads and keyboard. So many game lovers want to play games with the gamepads.Octopus assigns you add the virtual layout which allows you to use gamepad,mouse, and keyboard. You can play whatever you want. App doesn’t require a phone to rooted and settings are also easy. You can easily switch between keyboard mode and gamepad mode. It also has Advanced Shooting mode for FPS games, Smart Casting mode for MOBA games.No doubt there are so many games available that allow the onscreen button. But to gain PC experience while playing games you can try this app. It also has a Screen recorder which records your combats.

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5) Robinhood

Robinhood is a stock exchange and stock trading application. It is the best app for the new investors who want to learn about the stock market and want to invest in small companies. The main advantage which differs it from other stock exchanging apps is they do not charge any commissions for stock, options, or cryptocurrency trading. It allows users to invest in companies and exchange-traded funds. Robinhood app links directly to your bank account and notify you about your Shares. How it is going and all other information related to it.

6) Spot ON Alarm

Are you tired of the same boring alarm ringtone? Alarm is the main thing to kick start your day. Spot ON Alarm lets you create alarms on your Phone and the most exciting feature is you can play your favorite youtube track as your Playlist as your alarm ringtone. Isn’t it cool to start your day.you can also shuffle your playlist every day? It’s a perfect app to wake up in a fresh mood.

7) Logically – News Powered by AI

Some People don’t read newspapers because of the bad news(murder, rape, heist, etc) they don’t want to spoil the day. Logically – News Powered by AI is for them. It uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) to categorize the news in three ways: Positive, Negative, and Balanced.you can read by your own choice. Majorly it Supports Indian News. Unknown apps for android, Usefull in 2020 list is not yet complete go ahead.

8) Dynamic Rotation

Easiest and fastest app to adjust your Screen. Dynamic Rotation runs as service in the background which monitors the orientation of the Phone. Using this you can manually change the direction of your Phone -small, intuitive, unobtrusive. The button will appear in the middle of the Screen.you can rotate the button in any direction as you want and your Phone will also work in the same direction. Without doing any rotation settings in your Phone again and again you can use this app.

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9) 3D Wallpaper Parallax

3D Wallpaper Parallax is a customize app you can edit, download, create your 3D or 4D wallpapers.It has 350+ official 4K wallpapers. You can download 3D wallpapers from other apps too but what differs it from other apps is when you tilt your phone wallpaper will also tilt in the same direction. Superb Interface with free and premium wallpapers. You can customize your wallpaper. You can also download others customize wallpaper by clicking on the explore button. Swipe right and choose wallpaper as you want.

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10) Where is my Train

Where is my Train is for the Peoples who travels a lot? It can give you searches and works without internet connections. It displays all the Train’s details such as the name of train, schedules, Price and live location status of train. It also displays the categories to book your Train. You can also book your train with this app. It also has destination alarms and a speedometer.

So Here’s end our article “Unknown apps for android, Usefull in 2020” Hope you liked it. Do share with us in the Comment Section Below. If you have any queries or suggestions do let us know.

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