What is a sitemap and how do we create for our blog?

If you are a blogger, you have known each and everything about blogging and how to bring your blog in search engines. How to write SEO friendly blog. apart from this you also have known about sitemap, because the sitemap is a part of search engine optimization. so let’s learn about What is a sitemap and how do we create for our blog?

What is Sitemap?

It is one type of file which is having extension .xml. Now you are thinking what is .xml extension is. You don’t need to know about extension. You need to learn about sitemap, so sitemap is one type of file which is having details of our website or blog pages, details of your websites pages, Categories pages, and much more. here with the help of a sitemap each and every detail is stored on the search engine if anyone searches a particular topic and that topic is written in your blog then your website will show to the user and the google search console do that for you.

How to create a sitemap.

It is an easy task. You can easily create a site map if you are a WordPress user. You have to create a site map with the help of Yoast seo plugin. This plugin is free plugin to do seo and also a premium version is also available. If you are not a WordPress user don’t get worried you can generate a sitemap online on another website which creates a site map for your website in free with the help of your domain link. you just have to put your blogging website link on the site map generator and it will help you to generate your blog XML sitemap for you.

So, if you are a WordPress user you have to create a sitemap with the help of Yoast SEO plugin and Yoast plugin will automatically generate a sitemap.

Steps to create sitemap in the Yoast seo plugin.

1) You have to add the plugin, Yoast SEO plugin then you have to install the plugin.

Yoast seo plugin.

2) After installing the plugin you have to activate the plugin.

What is a sitemap and how do we create for our blog?

3) Now, you will see SEO. you have to click on that SEO. you will get these options on your screen.

Features of yoast seo

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4) Now, You will get a dashboard open on your screen. after this you have to click on features link.

Dashboard of yoast seo plugins

5) After, clicking on that link you will get some features of Yoast SEO like this. Then you have to scroll down and you will see XML Sitemapsoption beside that you will see one question mark symbol. Click on that you will see these options

Xml sitemaps in yoast seo plugins

6) After this you have to click on the XML sitemaps and you will get the details of your site maps like this.

What is a sitemap and how do we create for our blog?

Here, the yoast seo plugin and site map is ready to implement in google search console. just go to google and write google search console and add your sitemaps on google search console.

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If you are using Blogspot for your blogging purpose. You have to search the Sitemap generator on google or click on the given link. So follow these simple steps and get your sitemaps ready in some minutes.

How to setup Sitemap for Blogspot Blogs.

First of all you have to on the given link Sitemap Generator. after this you have to put your website link and fill the 2,3 details more and then just click on generate sitemaps.
and within 1 minute you will have your sitemap file ready.

Now you knew about a sitemap and what is a sitemap and how to use sitemap and what are the benefits of sitemaps. after all this you have to submit your sitemap link on google search console. Google Search Console is helping to the user for the topic user is searching on the search engine. Google bots will analyze your whole website and they will help you to get the right user at the right place so always use a proper Seo title, proper tags, and alt tags for images.

Here the topic is over, so if you like this topic do share with your friends which are new in blogging. I have many articles on blogging check out those if you need that articles. If you like this do comment in the below section. share if you have any query regarding to xml sitemap.

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