What is WordPress? Learn wordpress in just 20 mins.

what is wordpress

You are working to start a website or Blogging?

Lets know about WordPress, What is WordPress? Learn wordpress in just 20 mins. wordpress is just software that you use to build very own website or blog and publish on internet. it is also called a content managment system or CMS

What is WordPress? Learn wordpress in just 20 mins.

The best part about wordpress?

It is totally free , because wordpress is an open source it means lots of engineers are working out there to make it better and better.

What makes wordpress beautiful?

There is 11000+ different themes you can choose any one from them for your own blogs and website. that templates layouts that determine the look and style of your website you able to write your text including differents fonts you can create buttons you can upload images & videos much more.

how to add themes ?

There is 55000+ plugins and widgets to help optimize the functionality of your website, for some who want to make a eCommerce website there is allready gallery and many

More functions and building a website with wordpress is all online so you can build your website from anywhere you are as long as you have internet connection.

what is plugins?

Basically you need to code for pictures, content for your website in html or php. so in wordpress you dont need to code in wordpress for that small things you can directly select the color of your font you can directly choose your font size and their height.

What is wordpress.com and wordpress.org ?

if you are looking to make your first website you may or you may not noticed that there is wordpress.com and wordpress.org. What is WordPress? Learn wordpress in just 20 mins.

What is WordPress? Learn wordpress in just 20 mins.

wordpress.com is where you can go and make a free website with their web hosting but there is some problem here is given below.

  1. Your website can be deleted if wordpress feels that you have violated their terms and policy for any reason.
  2. Can’t Monetize with ads, you cannot make money from your website.
  3. You cant upload any plugins.
  4. Can’t upload customization themes, you only have limited options of themes.
  5. You do not own your domain name, it looks like (yourdomainname).wordpress.com

If you want to make your own website with all functions and no limitations if that’s the case you’are have to be self hosted and use wordpress.org in which just you download their free software

By being self hosted (WordPress.org)

benifts of wordpress.org
  1. You can access to thousand of plugins.
  2. You have unique domain name that you own your self like i have own my own domain bloggingcartel.com
  3. Monetize your website ads.
  4. Option to create online store.
  5. You can do complete customize to your website.

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